Macromatic PCP Series Three-Phase Protection Relay – Product Feature

Macromatic’s PCP Series Three-Phase Monitor Relays continuously monitor all voltages of a relay system to protect motors and equipment from expensive damage due to phase reversal. The isolated relay output will only energize if the three phases of the system are in the proper A-B-C sequence.


Macromatic’s PCP Three-Phase Monitor Relay, avaiable at! The relay pictured shows the LED status indicator.


The plug-and-play unit is extremely easy to setup and use – the PCP relay will work on any three-phase system from 190 to 500 V without any adjustment or special setup required. This universal voltage range and quick setup make the PCP the perfect solution for a huge variety of global applications.

Compatible with most Wye or Delta systems with no connection to Neutral required, the PCP series protection relay is recommended for applications where motor direction is critical, or sequence detection is required by code.

Macromatic’s PCP relays also feature:

  • Full fault indication via an LED located on the top of the unit for easy troubleshooting
  • An industry standard 8-pin octal socket
  • Quick response times (50ms power up and restart, 200ms drop-out due to phase reversal)
  • A pilot duty rating
  • And a 10,000,000 mechanical operation lifetime

Please note: the PCP monitor relays protect against phase reversal only. They do no offer phase loss or other fault protection.

For more information on Macromatic’s PCP Series Three-Phase Monitor Relays, contact our experts today!


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