Marathon Cable – Product Spotlight

Marathon Cable offers numerous features and benefits to make your cable buying experience as painless as possible.



With Marathon Cable, you can order cable in any length you want in increments of a foot, rather than stock lengths which require cutting to fit. All cables are continuous flex and are 100% assembled and tested in Michigan before shipment for proper pinout, grounds, shorts, and more. Special options are available, including bulkhead cables and extension cables.

Cables come with polyurethane or thermoplastic jackets depending on the type. Both options offer greater chemical resistance and are more rugged than the standard PVC jackets commonly used in other cables. In most cases, Marathon uses gold-flashed military-grade contacts whenever possible rather than the tin used in other cables. Additionally, Marathon cables are also crimped whenever possible instead of soldered. They are available in the standard DIN colors: orange for power, and green for feedback.

Marathon Cable carries power cables rated up to 1,000 V. They are UL and CSA listed for use in the US and Canada.

For more information about our selection of Marathon Cable products, contact our experts today!


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