Marathon Electric microMAX AC Inverter Duty Motors – Product Spotlight

Marathon Electric’s microMAX AC Inverter Duty Motors are electric AC motors designed for direct replacement of PMDC or any other variable speed application where up to a 1000:1 constant torque speed range is required. Typical uses include machine tools, conveyors, packaging machines, batching machines and printing equipment.

Two standard configurations are available: TENV models with up 1000:1 constant torque, and TEFC models with up to 20:1 constant torque.



Marathon Electric’s microMAX AC Inverter Duty Motors, available at! Pictured is the Y364 model, a TEFC motor rated for 1 horsepower.


These motors are ideal replacements for 90 and 180 V PMDC motors when used with AC variable frequency drives. Constant torque operation is from 0 to base speed on TENV motors, and from 1/20 speed to base speed on TEFC motors.

microMAX motors drive up to 10 horsepower at 1,800 RPM, with full load amps rated for 27.6/13.8 A on the largest 230/460 VAC model.

Other standard features on both configurations:

  • Class H insulation with CR200 magnet wire
  • Continuous duty at 40°C ambient temperatures
  • Removable base for C-Face footless mounting\
  • Quick connect terminal board
  • Maintenance free brush and commutator
  • UL, CSA and CE listings and certifications

All TEFC motors and the 1.5 horsepower TENV motor come stock with a top mounted conduit box with pigtail leads.

For more information about Marathon Electric’s microMAX AC Inverter Duty Motors, contact our experts today!


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