Marathon Electric PowerWash XT Washdown Duty Motors – Product Spotlight

Marathon Electric’s PowerWash XT Washdown Duty Motors are electric AC motors purpose built for gear reducers, pumps, fans, blowers, conveyors and other machinery found in food processing, diaries, beverage plants, car wash and other high humidity or wet environments or where the motor is subject to high pressure washdowns.



Marathon Electric’s PowerWash XT Washdown Duty Motors, available at! Pictured is the N566 model, rated 1/2 horsepower at 3,600 RPM.


These three-phase motors feature 10:1 variable torque capability, with a constant torque speed range of 10:1 for 60 minutes, other wise the speed range is 2:1. Totally enclosed, non-ventilated motors have a constant torque speed rating of 1000:1. The service factor is 1.15 on sinewave operation, and 1.0 on IGBT power.

PowerWash motors are rated from 1/4 horsepower to 10 hp, at 1,200, 1,800 and 3,600 RPM. Most models are rated for 208-230/460 VAC, with a few exceptions listed at 575 VAC. Nominal efficiency reaches 89.5 percent on the largest models. Full load amps reach 29.0-28.0/14.0 A.

With double sealed ball bearings, a 303 stainless steel shaft with spring load contact seals in each endshield (drive end only on TENV motors), a stainless steel conduit box cover, nameplate, fan guard (TEFC only) and hardware, and cast oversized conduit box with high temperature nitrile gaskets and threaded entrance, these motors are primed for harsh, wet environments.

Internal corrosion resistant coatings protect the frame, base, endshields, rotor and stator.

USDA-approved, white expoxy paint adds further protection. These motors carry a Class F insulation system to protect the motor from high temperature rise.

For more information about Marathon Electric’s PowerWash XT Washdown Duty Motors, contact our experts today!


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