Minarak MM23000C Series Drive – Product Feature

Minarak’s MM23000C Series Drives are a reliable and cost-effective solution for controlling your permanent magnet or shunt-wound DC motors in variable speed applications. These dual voltage drives operate using 115 or 230 VAC to run 90 or 180 VDC SCR brush-type motors.



Minarak MM23000C Drives, available at Galco.com! Pictured is the MM23201C model with a NEMA 1 chassis and dynamic braking.


The drive’s SCR technology provides full-wave rectification of the AC line input to drive motors from 1/20 to 2 HP with 1% base speed regulation, a 60:1 speed range and 1.37 form factor at maximum rated voltage.

User adjustable calibration potentiometers built into the drive can fine-tune minimum speed, max speed, current limit, IR compensation, acceleration and deceleration to precisely fit the drive-motor application. An inhibit (N.O.) stopping mode comes standard on all models for coast-to-stop operation, and dynamic braking is included with both MM232x1C models (MM23211C and MM23201C).

Three enclosure options are available in the series:

Cased models include AC line fuses.

A diagnostic LED indicator for current limit status is available on all models. A green light comes standard on cased drives. Finally, each drive in the series is UL and CSA listed for applications in the US and Canada.

For more information about Minarak’s MM23000C Series Drives, contact our experts today!


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