MTE Corporation’s dV Sentry Motor Protection Filters – Product Spotlight

MTE Corporation’s dV Sentry Motor Protection Filter provides common mode reduction, peak voltage protection and rise time reduction – all in one unit. It’s small footprint, easy terminations for fast and easy installation, quiet operation and minimal heat radiation help make the dV Sentry filter one of the most robust, reliable filters in the market.



MTE Corporation’s dV Sentry Motor Protection Filters, available at! Pictured is the DVSP0045E model, rated for 45 A at 380 to 600 VAC.


The unique, patented designed allows for greater load side protection from voltage spikes and common mode voltages for AC motors, cable and variable frequency drives. Common mode reduction typically measures greater than 50 percent. Peak rise and rise time reduction is comparable.

Input voltage ranges from 208 to 600 V at 3 to 600 A (for 2 to 600 horsepower systems). Inverter operating frequency is specified up to 90 Hz without derating, 120 Hz with derating. Insertion loss is just 1.7 percent at 60 hHz and 2.6 percent at 90 Hz. Rise time is reduced to less than 0.1 microsecond. Peak voltage can reach 150 percent the DC BUS voltage rating without derating. All of this is possible with a unit at greater than 99 percent efficiency.

For current protection needs:

  • 100 percent RMS continuous
  • 150 percent for 1 minute
  • 200 percent for 10 seconds

Each value corresponds to the rated current.

In terms of noise, these filters run at less than 65 dB, comparable to a normal conversation.

For more information about MTE Corp’s dV Sentry Motor Protection Filter, contact our experts today!


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