New Products at Galco – Festo, ACI, BEI Sensors, and EtherWan


The DFPD series pneumatic actuator from Festo can be used as an individual actuator or as part of a complete automated process valve system. This actuator features a torque range from 10 to 2.300 Nm, a rotation angle up to 180°, and corrosion-resistant options. The single or double acting DFPD is suitable for ball valves, butterfly valves or air dampers in the chemical, pharmaceutical and beverage industries, as well as water treatment. Thanks to the robust spring design, the pressure range can be optimally set for the task at hand. The DFPD operates reliably at extreme temperatures, with low- and high-temperature options covering a range from -5 to +150 °C.

The compact rack-and-pinion combination – especially in the single-acting version – is easy to install even when space is at a premium.

When combined with a sensor box, a pilot valve or a positioner, the quarter turn actuator can be expanded into a complete automated process valve system. This provides process reliability with full confidence that all components fit together perfectly.


The DLP series pressure sensor from ACI is based on a piezoresistive, silicon sensing element which senses differential pressure and provides an analog output. The hinged cover on the DLP can be easily opened using the integrated locking tab on the side of the enclosure. This allows for easy access to zero function and field-selectable ranges and outputs. The DLP Series also includes an optional, five-digit LCD for installation and monitoring support.

The standard accuracy of this series is +/-0.5% FSO, with a +/-0.25% option with N.I.S.T. certification as well. Field-selectable analog outputs include 0‑5 and 0‑10 VDC, from 4 to 20mA in a unidirectional or bidirectional pressure range from 0‑0.1″ up to 0‑40″ of water column. Options include a pilot tube and DIN rail clip.


The Intrinsic Safety Barrier interface module by BEI Sensors is the perfect complement to BEI’s Intrinsically Safe Encoder and, when used together, constitutes a completely engineered solution for encoder operation in Class I and Class II, Division 1 (Zone 0) Hazardous Environments. This single barrier provides both power and signal isolation for an incremental encoder with differential quadrature outputs and an index. This all‑in‑one approach eliminates extra costs, inconvenience, and system design time needed when using separate power and signal barriers.

This barrier is galvanically isolated, eliminating the added cost of maintaining a high integrity earth ground. With differential line driver outputs, the barrier can be used to carry signals reliably up to 500 feet with a bandwidth of up to 250 kHz. It is designed for a standard DIN rail mounting system to simplify installation in standard enclosures. A length of DIN rail is supplied with each module.


EtherWAN’s EX94000 series switching platform is designed for easy deployment in harsh environments. The EX94000 Series supports 12 to 48 VDC redundant power input and provides relay alarm where power failure or port link down can occur. The EX94000 provides 4 kV surge protection and is designed for hazardous locations.

The EX94000 is equipped with eight Fast Ethernet ports or a combination of Fast Ethernet copper ports and two 100FX ports for long-distance connectivity. This versatile switch features 10/100Mbps transfer speeds, full/half-duplex auto-negotiation, and auto MDI/MDIX operation.

This feature-rich switching platform offers full wire-speed Fast Ethernet throughput, QoS (Quality of Service) support, IEEE802.3az EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet) and broadcast storm protection. The EX94000 series is housed within a DIN rail mountable metal compact case, an ideal solution for applications in harsh environments.


For more information about these products and similar offerings from Festo, ACI, BEI Sensors and EtherWAN, contact our experts today!


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