NMB Technologies Axial Fans & Blowers

NMB Technologies cooling fans and blowers provide cooling solutions to solve your system’s thermal issues. Fans and blowers are designed primarily for systems that product a significant amount of heat like certain electronic components and machinery.



Cooling fans come in different makes and models, each engineered specifically for the applications and systems they support. At NMB Technologies, engineers stress the importance of design plans that promote good airflow. This is why Galco chooses NMB axial fans and blowers, because of their small footprint and superior performance.

Axial fans, like the PB Series fan shown below, are designed to work with systems that have low back pressure and require less noise. Axial fans force air parallel to the shaft about which the blades rotate, like a window or desk fan found in the home or office. These types of fans are quite common in electronic applications and typically provide the most economical cooling solution.

Axial fans come in numerous configurations, differing in size, power consumption, maximum fan speed, AC or DC operating voltages, and much more.



Blowers, on the other hand, are designed to work with systems that have high back pressure and require a more concentrated airflow. Blowers use impellers to propel air perpendicular the axis, forcing air through a tube or duct at high pressures. Airflow with blowers is typically more consistent, and the higher pressure serve well in HVAC and filtration systems. Blowers by design also have innate protection from particulate and debris buildup, being mostly enclosed.

Blowers differ in similar ways, although NMB blowers are only rated for DC voltage.



In both cases, high quality quality bearings are produced specifically for both axial fans and blowers to ensure an extended machine lifetime.


For more information about NMB Technologies Axial Fans and Blowers, contact our experts today!


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