Pilz M1P Series Safety Relays – Product Spotlight

Pilz M1P series safety relays feature positive guided relay outputs that include 1 Category 4 safety output or 2 Category 2 safety outputs.  There are also semiconductor outputs with either 2 category 4 or 4 category 2 safety outputs as well as 1 auxiliary output.  The unit can have 4 test pulse outputs and one cascading input and output that can also be used as a standard output.  The test pulse outputs can be used to detect shorts across the inputs or used with safety mats to trigger a short circuit.



Pilz’s M1P series of safety relays, available at Galco.com! This unit featured is Pilz Safety Relay (item number 773100)


This product has 20 inputs that can accommodate pushbuttons, limit switches, selector switches, safety gate switches, resets, light curtains, scanners, enable switches, PSEN, and safety mats. The safety relay can also be configured for a muting function when applicable and have LED indicators for diagnostics, supply voltage, output and input circuits.

The PNOZmulti modular safety system is used for the safety-related interruption of safety circuits and is designed for use in emergency stop equipment and safety circuits.  These devices also have circuit redundancy along with built in self-monitoring. Safety circuits can be downloaded to the base unit with the use of chip cards and can be used with the PNOZmulti configurator for defining the functions of inputs and outputs.  They are available with 8 or 32 kilobytes of onboard storage.


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