Powerex IGBT – Product Feature Spotlight

IGBTs or Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors are switching transistors that is controlled by voltage applied to the gate terminal. Device operation and structure are similar to those of an Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistor, more commonly known as a MOSFET. The principal difference between the two device types is that the IGBT uses conductivity modulation to reduce on-state conduction losses.


Powerex IGBT’s are available at Galco.com! The unit pictured here is item number #CM100E3U-24H

Powerex IGBT modules are designed to be rugged, low loss and easy to use. Use of advanced processing technologies gives low on-state saturation voltages while maintaining the high switching speed needed for 20 kilohertz operation.

The Powerex Modules can consist of a single IGBT transistor in a single configuration, two IGBT Transistors in a half-bridge configuration, four IGBTs in an H Bridge configuration or with six IGBT Transistors in a three phase bridge configuration.  Each transistor has a reverse-connected super-fast recovery free-wheel diode. Some modules in the three phase bridge configuration may also include a seventh IGBT with free-wheel diode for dynamic braking.

Some features of IGBTs include low drive power and low on state voltage or VCE sat.  Components and interconnects are isolated from the heat sinking baseplate, allowing for a simplified system assembly and thermal management.

Some applications may include: AC Motor control, UPS, and battery powered supplies.  Some IGBTs could also be used in motion/servo control, welding or laser power supplies, or in photovoltaic applications.  Before ordering, it is important to review the data sheet to see which IGBT is best for the application.

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