Powertran Factory Tour


Powertran has been manufacturing dry-type transformers in Michigan since 1956. Transformers are very commonly needed, and Powertran is proud to provide this hardware to machine builders and automation specialists.

Transformers mainly consist of three components: the winding conductor, which can be copper or aluminum; electrical, or “high silicon,” steel; and cardboard.

The first step at Powertran is to wind the coils, with one coil corresponding to each phase of the transformer. For example, a 3-phase transformer will have three coils. Single-phase transformers can have one or two coils.

Each coil consists of many layers of copper and paper, wrapped around an open-ended cardboard box. Conductors are wrapped in parallel, in many different gauges depending on how many amps the application needs.

Powertran’s next step is to build the steel hardware, which consists of many layers of electrical steel that the windings will encase when the build is complete. The steel components are assembled by machine for smaller transformers, while larger units are built by hand.

The assembled transformer is then tested and sealed in varnish, both processes necessary for ensuring the transformer is suitable for use in the field.


To learn about the entire process in detail, watch the video above for the full tour. If you need information about transformers for your own application, contact our experts today!


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