Red Lion Sixnet Series RAM 6000 Cellular RTU – Product Spotlight

Red Lion’s Sixnet Series RAM 6000 Cellular RTU provides advanced control and communication for monitoring and controlling remote assets and processes in extreme conditions.


Red Lion’s Sixnet Series RAM 6000 Cellular RTU, available at!


These RTUs are 4G LTE capable with multi-carrier support and single-carrier 3G support. 4G LTE multi-carrier models feature the ability to change cellular carrier networks via software selection without the need to replace physical hardware.

RAM 6000 industrial cellular RTUs seamlessly connect Modbus and DNP3 enabled SCADA equipment to remote networks or select IIoT Cloud platforms. Featuring a web-based event engine that can trigger I/O or send SMS text messages based on real-time operational data, RAM cellular RTUs can perform advanced local edge control and alert personnel of critical events.

A built-in I/O concentrator allows the RAM to collect local sensor data and can optimize cellular bandwidth by reporting only on an exception. With built-in Ethernet, serial and I/O support, RAM RTUs easily integrate with existing equipment, enabling remote monitoring and control for M2M applications.

Sixnet RAM 6000 RTUs are suitable for a wide variety of industries including oil and gas, water/wastewater, utility, transportation and mining.


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