Red Lion’s PXU PID Controller


Red Lion’s PXU PID controllers are an excellent solution for your basic control requirements. Its capabilities cover applications requiring simple on/off control all the way to full PID control. It is easy to read from a distance thanks to one of the largest displays in the industry, and it is available in several sizes, including 1/16, 1/8, and ¼ DIN and packaged in a space-saving design. This allows the PXU controller to be installed into enclosures with reduced depth to save space.

The PXU features a dual-line display with four digits on each line. Status indication of alarms, control, and temperature enhance the display functionality, and the front panel provides IP64 protection. Alarms can be configured to suit a variety of control and alarm requirements.

This series features universal input capability, allowing them to operate with pressure transducers, flow meters, current transducers, RTDs, and thermocouples. Input selection is made via front panel pushbuttons or Red Lion’s Crimson 2 software.

The PXU can be easily programmed using the RS-485 communication option. Red Lion’s Crimson 2 software allows users to select checkboxes or provide specific numerical entries for operating characteristics, simplifying setup. Specs can be copied and applied to multiple units, to get the entire system up and running quickly. The RS-485 port is also used to collect process values from the PXU and remotely display that information.


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