Siemens BT300 Series Variable Frequency Drive – Product Spotlight

The Siemens BT300 Series Variable Frequency Drive features the latest technology with world class quality and reliability, designed to handle the most demanding HVAC applications.


Siemens BT300 Series Variable Frequency Drives, available at! Pictured is the BT300-005X4-01X model, rated for 5 horsepower.


BT300 drives are outfitted with a robust set of features to ensure optimum pump and fan control, saving up to 50 percent the energy required for equipment that uses little or no control. These features include the two PID controllers – to help achieve fast and accurate pressure control – and and multi-pump/fan capabilities – to control several pumps or fans connected direct-on-the-line without the need for additional controllers.

A series of integration features are built into the drive to facilitate setup. This includes chokes to minimize current harmonics, circuit boards designed to withstand mechanical and chemical hazards, an RFI filter to minimize radio frequency disturbances, and serial bus/Ethernet architecture for network communications.

If needed, the BT300 supports expansion cards to extend the drive’s I/O capabilities.

Controlling the drive is simple with the advanced keypad and startup wizard for rapid setup. The interface is straightforward with push-button speed control and an intuitive 10-step commissioning process.

The display is multiline, multilingual and able to display up to 9 user-defined values at one time. Help texts and fault info assist users in identifying possible fault causes and suggests remedies.

BT300 drives also include a real time clock and sleep mode function to optimize programming for energy savings, and several advanced safety features like belt or pump monitoring a “Fire Mode,” and thin capacitors to save equipment, expedite service and minimizing downtime.

BT300 series drives are available in 9 frame sizes, covering a power range from 1 to 250 horsepower. Each drive class offers both NEMA Type 1 and Type 12 protection options, at either 240 or 480 VAC.


For more information about the Siemens BT300 Series Variable Frequency Drive, contact our experts today!


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