Siemens GGD Electronic Damper Actuator – Product Spotlight

Siemens’ GGD Electronic Damper Actuator is designed for UL Listed smoke control dampers or combination fire/smokre rated dampers, using direct-coupled, fast acting, two-position, spring return operation. The GGD series spring return actuators are ideally used for the control of dampers requiring up to 142 lb-in. driving torque.

These damper actuators are available in 24, 115 and 230 VAC models.



Siemens GGD Electronic Damper Actuators, available at! Pictured is the GGD221.1U model, rated for 120 VAC.


The high temperature-rated drive system can reliably function with 0° to 130°F ambient temperatures, and one time temperatures up to 350°F for a half hour. The all metal housing and Teflon insulated lead wires ensure long-term reliability. Expect a minimum of 35,000 full stroke cycles over the course of the GGD actuator’s lifetime.

The damper actuator operates at three torque values:

  • Running – 142 lb-in.
  • Spring Return – 108 lb-in.
  • Minimum Stall – 350 lb-in.

The spring return is reversible and fail safe. The damper actuator comes standard with a 15 second nominal open time and a 15 second nominal spring return time. These values are fixed. The damper actuator also comes standard with manual override, and mechanical range adjustment.

The GGD series meets the 2002 revision of the UL 555S rating up to 350°F and AMCA 500-D specifications. The die-cast aluminum alloy enclosure is NEMA 1 rated.

For more information about Siemens GGD Series Electronic Damper Actuators, contact our experts today!


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