Siemens GNP/GAP Electronic Damper Actuator – Product Spotlight

Siemens’ GNP and GAP Electronic Damper Actuators are rotary-style fail safe and fail-in-place actuators designed for use in laboratory fume hoods, constant or variable air volume installations for the control of supply and exhaust air terminals. GNP models return to a fail-safe position when there is a power failure; GAP models fail-in-place.

Both GNP and GAP damper actuators feature modulating, two-position and floating control capabilities.



Siemens GNP and GAP Electronic Damper Actuators, available at! Pictured is the GAP191.1P model with fail-in-place operation.


Compatible with 24V AC/DC input power, these actuators operate at 53 lb-in. of torque with a maximum torque of 142 lb-in. Fast operation features less than two seconds of runtime, with highly accurate positioning and self-centering with a dedicated self-centering shaft coupling.

The fail-safe position position is selectable between fail open or fail closed.

On the GNP model, actuators require up to 90 seconds for the capacitors to fully charge on initial startup and after a power-fail event. During this time the actuator will respond to positioning commands, but will not power-fail until the capacitors are fully charged.

The die-case aluminum alloy construction is very resilient, able to sustain operation in temperatures from 0° to 122°F. The enclosure is NEMA 1, IP54 rated. GAP and GNP actuators are UL/cUL and CE listed for use worldwide.

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