Siemens RDS120 Smart Thermostat


Siemens’ RDS120 Smart Thermostat is a new entry to the Siemens thermostat portfolio, with advanced cloud connectivity designed specifically for light commercial and residential applications.

The RDS120 can control conventional 3H/2C HVAC systems, as well as heat pump applications up to 4H/2C. To help improve air quality, the RDS120 also includes a built-in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) sensor, which can monitor organic odors and optimize ventilation strategies. The thermostat also includes a humidity sensor for enhanced air quality control.

The RDS120 is easy to commission and easy to use, with an intuitive setup process and no-nonsense user interface. The 3.5” touchscreen display offers several one-touch operation buttons, including a “green leaf” button to automatically optimize energy efficiency.

Additional features include:

  • Remote control from your mobile device using Siemens’ Smart Thermostat app
  • Tri-level air quality indication for Good, Okay or Poor
  • PID control and programmable schedules
  • Occupancy detection, outside temperature monitoring, and more


For more information about the RDS120 Smart Thermostat and the rest of Siemens’ extensive building technology catalog, contact our experts today!


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