Siemens SED2 Series Variable Frequency Drive – Product Spotlight

The Siemens SED2 Series Variable Frequency Drive is designed specifically for HVAC applications, supporting a wide variety of digital and analog I/O for diverse control capability.


Siemens SED2 Series Variable Frequency Drives, available at! Pictured is the SED2-1.1/21X model, rated for 1.5 horsepower.


SED2 drives are built for easy integration into any HVAC application. Custom PID algorithms designed from the ground up to control pumps and fans are built into every drive, alongside SBT P1 and JCI N2 building automation system protocols to simplify network integration. Working in tandem, these features drastically reduce programming time, commissioning time and overall installation costs.

Dedicated pump controller and cascading functions provide pump staging for open loop, constant pressure and constant flow-type applications, eliminating the need for a separate pump controller and further reducing setup time and application cost.

SED2 drives also feature a low harmonic design, eliminating the need for line reactors and reducing system power stresses and demands.

To maximize uptime, the drive is able to detect belt failure in configuration with or without external sensors. The drive also offers an “Essential Service” mode, allowing the drive to ignore all faults and continue to run in critical applications. This is commonly referred to as “smoke purge.” In both cases, the drive can protect itself and the application to prevent costly shutdowns.

The SED2 drive family offers several different class options to cover a wide range of applications.

IP20/NEMA Type 1 drives are offered in six frame sizes with power ratings from 1 to 125 horsepower. IP54/NEMA Type 12 drives are offered in five frame sizes with power ratings from 1.5 to 125 horsepower.


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