SymCom Dual-Channel Pump Controller – Product Feature

SymCom’s PC-102CICI-LT Pump Controller is a dual-channel switch with seal-leak and overtemp detection capabilities. The compact unit uses adjustable sensitivity and input logic to protect pumps and motors from dangerous conditions, keeping your equipment online through the toughest industrial applications.



SymCom’s PC-102CICI-LT Dual-Channel Pump Controller, available at!


The seal-leak input is used to sense seal failures on submersible pumps while the temperature input is used to detect motor overheating. Both can be configured to suit the probes of your choice.

A front-facing sensitivity potentiometer can adjust the controller’s sensitivity for resistive probes to best fit your application. The temperature input is either fixed at 4 kΩ (kiloohms) or adjustable from 4.7 to 100 kΩ, and the seal input is adjustable from 4.7 to 100 kΩ.

The temperature input’s reset behavior can also be configured among four selections:

  • Power cycle
  • Button
  • Power cycle or button
  • Automatic

Seal input logic is selectable as well, either direct or inverted.

Supporting 120 VAC nominal input at 50/60 Hz, the relay’s output rating is 2 Form C (isolated) for 5 A at 240 VAC. Two dual-color (red and green) LEDs indicate the status of the output relay, one for each the seal-leak controller and the overtemp controller.

The pump controller can operate in ambient temperatures from -20 to 55°C and is both DIN-rail and surface mountable.

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