Tosibox Central Lock Networking Device – Product Spotlight

The Tosibox Central Lock is the remote access hub for a facility’s Tosibox VPN connections. It allows connections from Locks, Keys and Mobile Clients, and can easily scale from just a few connected devices to hundreds or thousands.


The Tosibox Central Lock, available at!


With Central Lock and always-on VPN connections, operators can easily enable applications like data logging, continuous monitoring and remote maintenance anytime, anywhere. The breadth of information collected by the Central Lock includes log data from any connected Tosibox Lock. The Central Lock can also independently monitor individual VPN connections, scalable up to 1,000 concurrent remote connections on the Local Area Network.

The Central Lock comes equipped with:

  • One 1 Gbit/s WAN port
  • Four 1 Gbit/s LAN ports
  • 700Mbit/s throughput
  • Support for RAID 1 mirrored hard disks

Also included are several encryption options for both general use and remote access. This includes 3072-bit RSA encryption and authentication, AES-256-CBC / Blowfish-128-CBC data encryption, and configurable encryption options for remote access (256/192/128-bit AES or 128-bit Blowfish).

All communications between every Tosibox device are encrypted end-to-end.

The Central Lock is built for a 19-inch rack cabinet and rack rails are included with the device.

For more information about the Tosibox Central Lock, contact our experts today!


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