Triplett LazerTape 160 Laser Distance Meter – Product Spotlight

The Triplett LazerTape 160 is a compact, feature-loaded laser distance meter specifically designed for indoor applications. This device can measure distance in just seconds with proven accuracy and repeatability.


Triplett’s LazerTape 160, available at!


In addition to simple single-point measurement, the LazerTape 160 features a continuous measurement mode that can report minimum and maximum values. When activated, a series of 100 measurements is taken every 0.5 seconds, the latest being displayed on the 3rd line of the LCD display. Min and max values are displayed on lines 1st and 2nd lines, respectively.

Additional functions include addition and subtraction, each with dedicated buttons.

The LazerTape 160 can also measure area, by taking two measurements back-to-back (i.e. the “length” and “width”) and multiplying for the area. The same operation is applied to measuring volume by adding a third measurement (“height”).

Finally, the LazerTape 160 can take indirect measurements using two (or three) measurements and Pythagorean principles.

The unit can measure accurately, within 0.06 inches, up to 30 feet. At longer ranges or in poor conditions, the accuracy can degrade by 0.0016 in/ft. Maximum range is 164 feet. The enclosure carries an IP54 rating to protect the device from dirt, dust, oil, splashing water and other non-corrosive materials.

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