Trumeter APM Programmable Digital Panel Meter – Product Spotlight

Trumeter’s APM Programmable Digital Panel Meter range features a series of digital panel meters specifically designed for engineers who require a more effective way of monitoring and displaying data. They combine the advantages of traditional moving coil meters with the features and accuracy of modern panel meters to provide the best of both.


Trumeter’s APM Programmable Digital Panel Meter. Pictured is the APM-VOLT-APN voltmeter, with a max input signal of 600V.


The APM range has a panel meter for almost any industrial application. The line includes:

  • Amp meters, for 5A direct current measuring input suitable for current transformers up to 1000A
  • Volt meters, featuring an auto-detecting AC or DC measuring input capable of measuring up to 600V
  • Frequency meters, with self-programming capabilities
  • Process meters, for interfacing to process sensors and transducers
  • Shunt meters, for connecting to low side DC shunts with an accuracy of 0.1 percent
  • CT meters, for accurate AC current measurement using an external CT
  • Power meters, for accurate power monitoring and measurement

The APM gives users precise control and accurate readings at all times. This is coupled with complete freedom at the hands of the user to program the meter to show exactly what their application needs.

One of the easiest-to-use programmable panel meters on the market, the scale and annunciators can be programmed to any set or range of values. The dynamic backlighting provides a visual alert when a parameter is out of range. Values and visual alerts are all user-customizable through Trumeter’s free configurator software.

APM panel meters feature 2 alarm setpoints, a 40-segment curved bar graph display, a full 4 digital readout for accuracy, and a wide-viewing angle on the easiest-to-read displays available on a panel meter.

The entire unit is less that 53mm deep, saving valuable panel space.


For more information about Trumeter’s APM Programmable Digital Panel Meter range, contact our experts today!


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