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WEG Electric’s Rolled Steel TEFC and ODP General Purpose Motors are the perfect option for applications where performance, robustness and light-weight are required in an all-in-one product. These motors are made to run cool, last long and be easier to install and maintain.

TEFC models are designed primarily for pump applications, with an IP55 enclosure suitable for indoor and outdoor use protecting the motor from dirt, dust and moisture. ODP models, also designed primarily for pump applications, feature and IP21 enclosure and work best in environments where dirt, dust and moisture are minimal.



WEG Electric TEFC and ODP General Purpose Motor, available at Galco.com!


Although designed with pumps in mind, each motor boasts a high starting torque desirable in a wide range of applications: air conditioning equipment, farm equipment, conveyors, compressors, fans and blows, packaging equipment, and much more.

TEFC and ODP motors are single phase, rated for 115 to 230 VAC and can output 0.25 to 3 horsepower at 60 Hz. Standard models have Class B insulation (max operation temperature 130°C) with Class F insulation optional (max operation temperature 155°C).

Standard NEMA frame sizes ensure a familiar fitting and installation process. The ODP general purpose motor is sized W56J to 56HJ. The TEFC motor is sized W56C to 56C. Both models have internal bolts, giving the motor a clean surface to prevent materials from getting trapped and allowing easy access to painting the motor after assembly, if necessary.

Finally, both motors comply with NEMA MG-1 Part 6 with a ventilation system designed to optimize airflow through the frame and coil heads, reducing noise level and power losses while at the same time improving heat transfer.

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